Apache Kafka®: advice from the trenches or how to successfully fail!

Jueves 26 de marzo de 2020 | 18:45h | @ConfluentInc

Jueves 26 de marzo de 2020


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Hello Kafkateers!

In order to do our part to help flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19, we are moving all of our meetups online for the time being. Please find the details to join this meetup below.

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Agenda: 6:45pm-7:00pm: Online Networking (feel free to BYOB!!) 7:00pm-7:50pm: Pere Urbón-Bayes, Confluent 7:50pm-8:20pm: Additional Q&A + Networking (and talk to people on the Confluent Community Slack)

Talk: Pere Urbón-Bayes

Bio: Pere es Arquitecto de Soluciones en Confluent, desde Berlin en Alemania. Habiendo trabajado en sistema y arquitectura de datos por mor de 15 años como freelance y consultor. En estos roles ha trabajado de forma principal en sistemas de procesamiento de datos y búsqueda, ayudando empresas a construir arquitecturas de datos resilientes y escalables.

El trabajo normalmente es a medio camino entre la infraestructura, los ingenieros y los científicos de datos, ontologías y producto. En el pasado, siendo parte de Elastic, la empresa detrás de Elasticsearch, ayudando empresas en sistemas de operaciones. Cuando no está en el trabajo a Pere le encanta pasar tiempo con la familia, niños y disfrutar de un buen partido de Balonmano.

Title: Apache Kafka®: advice from the trenches or how to successfully fail!

Abstract: Operating a complex distributed system such as Apache Kafka could be a lot of work, so many moving parts need to be understood when something wrong happens. With brokers, partitions, leaders, consumers, producers, offsets, consumer groups, etc, and security, managing Apache Kafka can be challenging.

From managing consistency, numbers of partitions, understanding under replicated partitions, to the challenges of setting up security, and others, in this talk we will review common issues, and mitigation strategies, seen from the trenches helping teams around the globe with their Kafka infrastructure.

By the end of this talk you will have a collection of strategies to detect and prevent common issues with Apache Kafka, in a nutshell more peace and nights of sleep for you, more happiness for your users, the best case scenario.

Online Meetup Etiquette: •Please unmute yourself when you have a question. •Make sure you’re on gallery view so you can see all of your peers. •Unless speaker specifies otherwise, please hold your questions until the end of the presentation.

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