How satellites improve life: Spanish entrepreneurs travel to space

Miércoles 07 de octubre de 2020 | 10:00h | @GoHubTech

Miércoles 07 de octubre de 2020


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Welcome to World Space Week at GoHub! It is a worldwide initiative that we have joined with the promotion of our startup Orbital EOS. This year the claim is 'Satellites Improve Life' and the set of companies that WSW 2020 decided to bring together have the common goal of putting that into practice.

We also wanted to show the ability of Spanish start-ups of developing cutting-edge solutions for real life problems, which demonstrates the unique innovative ecosystem that can be found in Spain where we care for the environment, from the surface and from space. That is why we organized a set of short talks and a roundtable debate which will try to bring light to the public both national and international about the horizons of the Spanish space start-up status quo.

Humans have always looked at space and wondered what our role in the universal playground of existence was, imagining gods and seeking for the scientific proof of space bodies movement. Nowadays, when we look at space, we see a platform for progress, a dimension for opportunity, a dancefloor for synergies between technologies to improve the lives of people on Earth.

The miniaturisation of the space technology, artificial intelligence have contributed to the democratisation of space and have meant the opening to a broader audience is allowing thousands of people to find their spot and solve problems through space applied science.

Join the webinar that we have organized on October 7, at 10 am, entitled 'How satellites improve life: Spanish entrepreneurs travel to space'.

Click the link below:

We will have the possibility to discuss with members of top start-ups what the work they are doing in the field:

-Antonio Vázquez, from Alén Space, whose field of expertise are cubesats.

-Juan Tomás Hernani, CEO of Satlantis, who has recently put their high-resolution camera on board the International Space Station.

-Juan Peña, CEO of Orbital EOS, will talk about Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation, and its role for having cleaner oceans.

-Vanesa Ramos, from Knowledge Innovation Market, will talk to us about the Galileo Information Centre and how they help exploit the potential of promising businesses.

We hope to see you there!