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Jueves 06 de octubre de 2022 | 19:30h | #IndividualSoftwareDevelopment

Jueves 06 de octubre de 2022


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From Digital Design, to frameworks and code quality to ensure high product quality - A holistic approach to make the digital magic happen.


  • 19:15 - 19:30 - Arrival
  • 19:30 - 20:45 - 3 exciting talks with some Q&A time
  • 20:45 - 22:00 - Fuelled networking 🍕🍻

Talks & speakers:

  1. SolidJS - A web framework for the future? by Tobias Walle While established frameworks like Angular, Vue and React are dominating the market, newer options like Svelte or SolidJS are promising significant improvements in some key areas. Together, we will take a closer look at SolidJS, compare it to React, and see in which projects you might want to use it.
  2. Let the browser do the work: Building an ECS without the hard parts by Raphael Pigulla Entity Component System (ECS) is a data-oriented architectural pattern widely used in game development and simulations. It allows for building complex, highly dynamic worlds where the rigidity of traditional object-oriented modelling approaches is a problem. Though conceptually simple, it can get very tricky, very quickly, for any real-world application. This talk will showcase the implementation of an ECS that creatively uses the DOM, CSS and Web APIs to offload all the heavy lifting to the browser.
  3. 30% Digital Design in every digitalization project! – This simple principle enhances digital products beyond excellent code by Dr. Dominik Birkmeier & Clemens Wickboldt The digital transformation is in full swing. Technologies continue to evolve and new technological possibilities are emerging all the time. We need to shape digitalization while putting people at the center. We design software with people for people. Therefore the digital transformation is calling for a profession with great analytic and design expertise: Digital Design. Designing inspiring and high-quality digital products requires technological know-how, methodological expertise, and a holistic view: Digital Designers operate with three horizons in mind. Which horizons are these and how are they interwoven? Which methods and tools are used on which horizon? And how do you set up highly interconnected teams with Digital Designers and Digital Engineers. We report from practice and give an example with one of our projects in the automotive industry. From all our experiences we deduce: 30% digital design profession belongs in every project! Join us and let's have inspiring and enriching discussions about software development and how to provide our users with the best digital products!