Introducción a Quarkus

Jueves 22 de abril de 2021 | 19:00h | #CSTechHub

Jueves 22 de abril de 2021


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Nowadays, it's very common to write an application and deploy it to the cloud and not worry about the infrastructure.

In this type of environment where instances are created and destroyed frequently, the time to boot and time to first request are extremely important, as they can create a completely different user experience.

Languages like JavaScript or Python are always in the spotlight in this type of scenario. In other words, java with its fat JARs and long booting time was never a top contender.

This ends now.

In this session, I will introduce you to Quarkus, a Cloud Native, (Linux) Container First framework for writing Java applications.

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Carles Arnal (Software Developer, RedHat)