Machine Learning School for Business Schools

Miércoles 17 de febrero de 2021 | 09:00h | @bigmlcom

Miércoles 17 de febrero de 2021


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Machine Learning is transforming many industries while enabling new types of products and services nobody even dreamed of until recently. However, the skill set required to develop real-life Machine Learning applications have mostly remained the playground of the few privileged academics and scientists. The world and the global workforce cannot afford to stay behind the curve on this key technology enabler, so we urgently need to produce a much larger group of ML-literate professionals such as developers, analysts, managers, and subject matter experts.

To meaningfully contribute on this matter, BigML is organizing this virtual event in collaboration with several Universities and Business Schools that have been democratizing Machine Learning in their classrooms for years, such as Northeastern University in Silicon Valley (USA), the University of Portsmouth in United Kingdom, Nyenrode Business University in The Netherlands, Prague University of Economics and Business in Czech Republic, IE Business School, ESADE Business School, ICADE Business School, and EOI Business School in Spain, among others.

We will hold a one-day online event ideal for Machine Learning professors, business professionals, industry practitioners, and advanced undergraduates that wish to enroll in an MBA course to master their data-driven business skills. This event will cover how professors bring Machine Learning into the classrooms, how to teach the next generation of business leaders what Machine Learning is, how to use it, what they can do with it to optimize their resources, and the level of maturity in Machine Learning these future business leaders need to reach to make data-driven decisions on daily basis. We invite you to join this virtual Machine Learning School and meet the professors that are changing the business landscape by helping introduce Machine Learning to a new generation of leaders that wish to automate their businesses.