Start hunting the bugs - Mutation Testing

Lunes 14 de noviembre de 2022 | 19:00h | @vlc_jug

Lunes 14 de noviembre de 2022


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¡Estamos de vuelta!

Esta vez estará con nosotros, Sven Ruppert! Sven es developer advocate en JFrog.

Sven está haciendo un tour por todos los JUG de España y el próximo lunes 14 de noviembre tendremos la oportunidad de estar con él aquí, en Valencia.

About the talk

JUnit is a well-known tool for java developers in the area of TDD. Here it has become accepted, that CodeCoverage can be measured. In this case we distinguish between coverage on the level of classes, methods and rows.

The goal is to get the CodeCoverage as high as possible on the row level, but not higher than necessary:

  • What exactly does it mean? A CodeCoverage of appr. 75% on the row level is very good and can already provide a basis.
  • But what does this figure say? In this talk we will deal with the term Mutation Testing and show the practical ways of use.
  • How can the coverage be defined and what can be achieved?
  • How can it be integrated into an existing project and what should be considered while running a test?
  • Can we use it for UI's?

The speaker

Sven spent almost 20 years as a consultant worldwide in automotive, aerospace, insurance, banking, UN and WorldBank before joining JFrog as a developer advocate. Sven has been giving lectures at international conferences and regularly publishing online and in classic magazines and books for nearly ten years. As a developer advocate for JFrog, Sven deals with DevSecOps, cybersecurity and cyberdefense, and traditional developer topics such as Core Java/Kotlin, mutation, and distributed unit testing.


19:00 Presentación 19:05 Workshop 20:15 Networking & beers

El meetup será en las oficinas de New Work! Carrer del Pinto Sorolla 11, piso 2.

Volveremos a sortear una suscripción de entre los asistentes!!

Después de la charla nos quedaremos para hacer networking y tomar unas cervezas!!