The story of a story: from the start page to a notification

Miércoles 04 de diciembre de 2019 | 19:00h | @valenciarb

Miércoles 04 de diciembre de 2019


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How do you keep your users informed?

In this talk Carla (@CarlaStabile) and Marvi (@marvihussaien) will tell us the story of how they keep their users informed.

They will show us the technical aspects behind the start page stories and later on they'll illustrate how they’re integrating that in their notifications architecture.

We’ll see how they use the AMQP messaging protocol to make this integration happen, and we’ll also dig deeper into their architecture, which is based on several Ruby on Rails applications that serve different channels (web, mobile and emails) from a backend driven approach.

Both Carla and Marvi work as Software Engineers at Xing and you can learn a little more about them by looking into their professional profiles:

Carla Urrea Stabile - Software Engineer - XING SE Marvi Islam - Junior Software Engineer - XING GmbH & Co. KG

The talk will be in English.

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