Valencia Codes Learning Club

Lunes 07 de febrero de 2022 | 18:00h | #ValenciaCodes

Lunes 07 de febrero de 2022


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Valencia Codes Learning Club is a free, in-person learning club for junior developers to get the job they want. The demand for developers has never been higher, but the skill-level most companies demand has also risen. Bootcamp graduates and self-taught developers are increasingly struggling the find opportunities.

The aim of Valencia Codes Learning Club is to provide the learning environment junior developers need to advance their careers. This is a small group (maximum 20) and over the course of several months (or however long it takes you to get the job you want), we will work with you personally to help you achieve your aim.

What will we be working on?

Our focus is 100% on the skills that will give you access to the global labour market: 'Skills to pay the bills'.


  • Language syntax
  • Data structures
  • Design patterns
  • How the internet works (web devs)
  • Statistics (data science)

Core skills

  • How to google to solve problems on your own
  • How to read error messages and logs
  • How to communicate with non-developers
  • How to plan and document

Showing yourself off

  • Personal website
  • Portfolio pieces
  • Github and LinkedIn

Interview prep

  • Mock interviews
  • Coding test practice

Who is Valencia Codes Learning Club for?

  • Junior developers can be self-taught, or university or bootcamp graduates but generally have less than 1 year's professional experience.
  • Total beginners are also welcome. We will get you set up working through which is an excellent resource for getting started.

What do I need to bring?

  • Laptop computer
  • Face mask
  • COVID passport or recent negative test

(These last two will be relaxed as the year goes on and the rate goes down)

Who will be teaching?

Rory, CTO of Valencia-based startup Kaltu. In 2016 I did London-based bootcamp Founders & Coders. Since then I’ve had roles at startups like Filament and Rollio as a software developer. I know the journey of going from bootcamp grad to professional developer. I also have hired and trained many coding bootcamp grads.

I am looking for volunteers who are interested in being involved with the long-term organization of the event. Please get in touch through meetup.

Will there be guest speakers?

Yes. We will try to bring both senior profiles and juniors that recently got a job into the space to share their experiences.