Valencia Codes - Level Up #6

Miércoles 05 de octubre de 2022 | 19:30h | @ValenciaCodes

Miércoles 05 de octubre de 2022


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Valencia Codes would like to welcome you all to our #6 edition of Level Up at the comfy offices of commercetools.

What is Level Up? It's a monthly meet-up where we will be inviting speakers from inside and outside of our community to introduce you to interesting technical topics and share their experiences with you. Each talk will be between 20-25 minutes + 5 more minutes for Q&A.

Commercetools is a German company and a world leader in ecommerce software powering brands like Audi, Danone and Just Eat. They have chosen to make their new base in Valencia and recently opened up a shiny new office.

So come and take a look while you listen to our great speakers:

Translate all the web things! by Giorgio Zamparelli, Founder @

More than 50% of the web is in English yet only 16.5% of the real world speaks English. Translating your website and apps opens your business to vast audiences but it does come with its challenges. In this talk, we will review low hanging fruits to translate your url and domain structure all the way to incremental translation with machine learning and human translators.

How to write a keyboard by Pawel Wawreszuk, Software Engineering Tech Lead @ Carta

In this talk I’ll show how you can design a 3D-printed ergonomic keyboard with zero skills in using CAD software. The alternative way is to express the design in a programming language. I’ll present the tools I used for the job, the basics of Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG), the abstractions used to create the design in Typescript, and of course the end effect: a fully-functional, weird-looking handmade keyboard. The presentation will include code samples and give you a taste of a few interesting problems you might run into if you try coding something similar yourself.