Valencia Codes - Level Up #7

Miércoles 02 de noviembre de 2022 | 19:30h | @ValenciaCodes

Miércoles 02 de noviembre de 2022


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Valencia Codes would like to welcome you all to our #7 edition of Level Up at the comfy offices of commercetools.

What is Level Up? It's a monthly meet-up where we will be inviting speakers from inside and outside of our community to introduce you to interesting technical topics and share their experiences with you. Each talk will be between 20-25 minutes + 5 more minutes for Q&A.

Commercetools is a German company and a world leader in ecommerce software powering brands like Audi, Danone and Just Eat.

So come and take a look while you listen to our great speakers:

Creating a fast website just by using web standards with Remix framework by José Miguel Álvarez Vañó, Software Engineer @ Shopify

Remix is a full stack framework that allows you to deliver fast and modern web apps just using web standards. We are going to learn the core concepts of Remix and see how easy it is to start working with the framework. As an example we will create a note taking app that looks good, has a great performance and deploy it to production in just a few minutes.

What goes in your Tech-stack... and why your company's Marketing Strategy plays a decisive role by Tom Voorneveld, CEO, Tech lead, Founder @ Bligson

A Tech stack is a combination of programming languages, databases, front end back and so much more. For a new project, it is tempting to choose what you "like" or what you are most familiar with. But will it be the right choice for the strategic and commercial success of the company? How do you know for certain? What criteria truly matter? How do you stay in charge of your own destiny?