Valencia Codes Study Group

Lunes 08 de mayo de 2023 | 18:00h | @ValenciaCodes

Lunes 08 de mayo de 2023


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Feeling guilty about those coding books you bought and read one chapter of? That Udemy you bought 'on sale' and keep telling yourself you'll finish someday? Or maybe you have a side project that you're stuck on and you'd love to show to someone else for feedback?

Well, then Valencia Codes Study Group is for you. Developers of all levels can come and either work quietly on their own material, ask for guidance, offer mentorship, pair program on katas, team up to work through CS50 together week by week, or whatever takes their fancy really!

All you have to do is bring something to study. So either bring:

  1. A laptop, or
  2. A book

and have a think about what you would like to study during the meetup. At the start of the meetup we ask everyone to write their name and what they are studying on the board. Then at the end we go round in a circle and you have to say what you learned. It's pretty simple but it seems to work!

The key here is that it's:

  1. 100% free to attend
  2. Face-to-face

Valencia Codes has been running weekly coding meetups since January 2022 and some of the feedback that we received was that attendees really valued the social element of being in a room with other developers, especially since so many of us work from home.

In the space we have a quiet room for studying and then a social area where you can buy food and drink.

So if you're an expert trying to master a new topic, a beginner looking for advice or just looking to make some friends, come on down from 6-8pm on Monday nights. No worries if you can't arrive on time or you have to leave before the end.