ValenciaCodes Level Up #12

Miércoles 07 de junio de 2023 | 19:30h | @ValenciaCodes

Miércoles 07 de junio de 2023


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Valencia Codes would like to welcome you all to our #12 edition of Level Up at the comfy offices of commercetools.

What is Level Up? It's a monthly meet-up where we will be inviting speakers from inside and outside of our community to introduce you to interesting technical topics and share their experiences with you.

Each talk will be between 20-25 minutes + 5 more minutes for Q&A.

Hotwire: build reactive server-rendered apps without JS by Andrea Rocca, Head of Engineering @ Wellio Web development has changed a lot over the past 10 years. From server rendered multi-page apps to client rendered SPAs and back to SSR apps. Hotwire is here to help small teams ship multi-page reactive applications without the need of maintaining different code bases.

User Authentication with Cryptocurrency Wallets by Nicholas Piano, CEO @ Tela The digital signature mechanism underpinning cryptocurrencies can used as a secure means of user authentication. With the growth of cryptocurrency wallets, users increasingly have a new method of identifying themselves securely at their fingertips. My talk will cover some of the basics of this type of authentication and go over how to integrate it into a typical application.

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