ValenciaCodes Level Up #9

Miércoles 01 de febrero de 2023 | 19:30h | @ValenciaCodes

Miércoles 01 de febrero de 2023


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Valencia Codes would like to welcome you all to our #9 edition of Level Up at the comfy offices of commercetools.

Going From GPT3 to ChatGPT
by Dave Sullivan, Founder @ Cadence Labs
ChatGPT is a neural network based chat interface that has revolutionized the field of artificial intelligence. In this talk, I will explain how ChatGPT's predecessor GPT3 works by introducing neural networks, transformers, and the dataset and training objectives used. Then I will explain how instructGPT was created through a 2 step finetuning process and then productized as chatGPT. I will discuss open source replication attempts, issues around scaling, and the difficulty of doing this at home as I go.

Zero to Production in Go
by Danilo Delizia, Staff Software Engineer @ commercetools
In this talk, we will see how our team at commercetools has adopted Go as the main programming language for a microservice-based web application. With the premise that most of the team had no previous knowledge of Go, we will see how it was possible to have an entire team going from zero to production in less than one month. I will present to you the reasons why we decided to use Go, the tools and processes we used to make the development team productive in a short amount of time without compromising code quality.

What is Level Up? It's a monthly meet-up where we will be inviting speakers from inside and outside of our community to introduce you to interesting technical topics and share their experiences with you.
Each talk will be between 20-25 minutes + 5 more minutes for Q&A.

Our Sponsors:

  • Commercetools is a German company and a world leader in ecommerce software powering brands like Audi, Danone and Just Eat.
  • realizon is a digital solutions company which connects German companies with development centres in Spain.

Our Partners:

  • Valencia Nomads is a thriving community & network of digital nomads, entrepreneurs and creatives, living and working in Valencia.