Why writing for your business and your website is so hard

Miércoles 26 de enero de 2022 | 18:30h | @VortexCoworking

Miércoles 26 de enero de 2022


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We tend to write every day. Nevertheless, we collectively struggle to communicate our ideas clearly, crisply and concisely through our website copy, blogs and marketing material. How come? And, more importantly, how to resolve this?

In this session, we'll go beyond emojis, A/B testing and other lazy fixes to Take Back Control and instead focus on what makes your writing matter.

Thomas will be at Vortex Centro next 26th of January to tell you the keys to connect with your audience. This workshop is open to the public, so Vortex members and non-members are welcome!

Be sure to book your spot quickly! As places are limited, if you sign up but you need to cancel the booking for any reason, please do it so that other people can take your place.