Senior Software Engineer Web Technologies (Javascript/React/GraphQL/Elixir/PHP)

UFirst Group

react redux typescript php elixir


<p>... with an unmistakable sense for creative solutions.</p><p>Your area of responsibility consists of the analysis, conception, and implementation of complex, web-based software solutions in the exciting world of E-Commerce. This includes complex online shops, mobile applications, and in-store-applications. You enjoy discovering new technologies and are fascinated by the possibilities of modern web technologies, and you are able to adapt quickly to new challenges.</p><p><strong>Our Stack:</strong></p><ul><li><strong>Frontend</strong>: React / Redux / TypeScript / GraphQL / Apollo</li><li><strong>Backend</strong>: PHP / Elixir /</li><li><strong>Databases</strong>: PostgreSQL / REDIS / ElasticSearch</li><li><strong>Infrastructure</strong>: Kubernetes / Docker</li><li><strong>Other</strong> Frameworks in Use: Saas, Bootstrap, mongoDB, Mandrill, MailChimp, nginx, Ansible, datadog, spryker, html, css, angularjs, less, … you name it</li><li><strong>DevOpsManagementPlatform</strong>: GitLab</li><li><strong>IDEs</strong>: PHPStorm, VS-Code or what you prefer..</li></ul><p><strong>Must-haves</strong></p><ul><ul><li>You can work independently and take on responsibility.</li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>You learn quickly, you are interested in continuing education and you grasp new concepts easily.</li><li>You are interested in taking on more and more responsibility for the analysis, conception, and implementation of software solutions, as well as for the technical support of our clients.</li><li>You keep yourself up-to-date about new technologies and you are interested in learning more about open-source E-Commerce and CMS systems.</li><li>You campaign for compliance with technical standards and best practices in our projects.</li><li>You have good knowledge of current web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AJAX).</li><li>You have experience in the analysis, design, and implementation of complex projects and use this experience to identify and prevent possible problems before they occur.</li><li>You have practical experience in functional and object-oriented programming and write testable code such as the tests with it.</li><li>You have knowledge about data modeling and SQL.</li></ul></ul><p><strong>Nice-to-haves</strong></p><ul><li>Degree in computer science</li><li>Good knowledge in PHP</li><li>Knowledge of the open system frameworks Spryker / Magento</li><li>Knowledge of Elixir</li></ul>

<b>About us</b>

<p>“We want to improve the way organizations and agencies create valuable digital solutions.”</p><p>This we want to achieve with Collaboration, Passion, Sustainability, and Inspiration.</p><p>UFirst Group develops user-oriented software and business solutions in the areas of E-Commerce, content management as well as custom and mobile applications. We focus on open source software which allows us to adapt it flexible to our business processes and the needs of our customers. The company is privately owned that allows us to leave room for experiments.</p><p>We are a multicultural company.</p><ul><li>In Teams of Designers, Developers, Product Owners</li><li>In cycles</li><ul><li>Forward-Looking / Planning</li><li>Daily standups</li><li>Retrospectives</li></ul><li>With the mindset of Design Thinking, Agile methodologies, DevOps (CI/CD)</li><li>Flat hierarchies</li><li>Being a learning organization</li><ul><li>Fail forward</li><li>Exploration is welcome</li></ul></ul>

Work location: Carrer de l'Almirall Cadarso, 26, 46005 València, Valencia, Spain


€30.000 - €50.000 / year

Cómo aplicar

Please send an email including "Valencia" in the subject with your CV to [email protected].